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         "midi and mp3" are just references to the score.

2022   Strangers1-9 --- In production; but it's not going well.[04-05] ---      2021   My-dream

2019   StoryLady ( --midi)   Road-12      Road-13      Road-14      Road-15      Road-16      Agnus-2019

2018   Ave Maria-2018    Road-11    Where-it    Only-alone    Strangers 1-8    Emmanuel ( Refer; Emmanuel-latex  source Emmanuel-latex.tar.gz )

2017   Ave Maria(2017)        Road-9        Road-10        Strangers 1-7        2016   [Sketch A]        Road-7        Road-8

2015   Sketch7        Sketch8        Strangers 1-6        Sketch9        2014   Sketch3     Sketch4     Sketch4b     Sketch5     Sketch6

2013   Sorrow of the Night     Road-6     Sketch1     Sketch1-2     Sketch2        2012   Ave Maria(2012)        Agnus dei        Road-4        Road-5        Mourner

2011   Ave Maria(2011)      Road-1      Road-1b      kýrie eléison      Road-2      Road-2b      Rex treméndæ     Road-3     Let me die     John(3,--3-5)     Strangers 1-5

2010   Ave Maria(2010)        Lacrimósa        Avenue        Strangers 1      Strangers 1-2      Strangers 1-3      Strangers 1-4      Oh-oh-oh      Confutatis

2009   Spring(1st Movement)        Spring(2nd Movement)        Four-things        Cloud-Spotting

2008   Footprints     Rainy-midnight     Wave-Landscape     Flower-Birds     Floats-to-Earth     Floats-to-Earth2     White-Clouds     Street-Autumn

                  Pompei5        My mind 2        Milano4        Milano5        Firenze4        Siena        Pisa
2007   Venezia2        Venezia3        Firenze2        Firenze3        Pompei2        Pompei3        Pompei4

2006   Milano        Milano2        Milano3        Venezia        Firenze        Pompei        2004   Wood        Plaza        Mind        Sprite        Dream

Note 0;  StoryLad(2019) is a png image score. I used the \markup command to forcibly insert the vocal part between the existing scores(red) [svg is no running] m(_ _)m
Note 1;
  Make! ps--->eps \Windows(gswin64c.exe); >gswin64c -sDEVICE=eps2write -sOutputFile=%1.eps -dNOPAUSE %1.ps -c quits
  Make! ps--->eps /Linux(gs); $ gs -sDEVICE=eps2write -sOutputFile=$1.eps -dNOPAUSE $1.ps -c quit    or    $ gswin64c.exe -sDEVICE=eps2write -sOutputFile=$1.eps -dNOPAUSE $1.ps -c quits (on WSL)
                       eps-view; gswin64.exe ;Windows==Linux(on WSL)   And    === "%1(windows) and $1(linux)" is an argument to the target file name.===
Note 2;    In here use a lot of TeX commands(plain) in LaTeX manuscript files.
Note 3;   Windows OS; "gswin64.exe, gswin64c.exe" are named "gswin32.exe,gswin32c.exe" depending on the PC environment.

   Japanese Environment; and (vertical format; Poem)       Refer; web-poem-2019.pdf (web-poem-2019.gz (about;4630bytes)
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