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           Road-12     Road-13     Road-14     Road-15     Road-16                 Road-13-16.pdf (Poetry; Japanese vertical format)    
2019   StoryLady [This file is a summary of all "[Sketch]". the order is "1-2,A,7,8,4,1,4b,5,6,2,3,9"] (StoryLady-midi" )

           [ Refer(LaTeX); Emmanuel-latex  source code Emmanuel-latex.tar.gz ]
2018   Ave Maria-2018    Road-11    Where-it    Only-alone    Strangers 1-8    Emmanuel

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2017   Music Sheet pdfs(2017) ¶ ;        Ave Maria(2017)        Road-9        Road-10        Strangers 1-7 (Texinfo//makeinfo)

2016   Ave Maria(2016)        [Sketch A]        Road-7        Road-8
              For example(Easy and Simple)      wood(2004)      plaza(2004)      mind(2004)      sprite(2004)      dream(2004)
                                                                     milano3(2006)      pisa(2007)

2015   Ave Maria(2015)        [Sketch7]        [Sketch8]        Strangers 1-6        [Sketch9]

2014   Ave Maria(2014)        [Sketch3]        [Sketch4]        [Sketch4b]        [Sketch5]        [Sketch6]

2013   Ave Maria(2013)        Sorrow of the Night        Road-6        [Sketch1]        [Sketch1-2]        [Sketch2]

2012   Ave Maria(2012)        Strangers 3-2        Strangers 3-3        Agnus dei        Road-4        Road-5        Mourner

           Rex treméndæ     Road-3     Let me die     John(3,--3-5)     Strangers 1-5
2011   Ave Maria(2011)      Road-1      Road-1b      kýrie eléison      Road-2      Road-2b     Strangers 3

2010   Ave Maria(2010)        Lacrimósa dies ilia,       

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           Descendants of the Earth2            Descendants of the Earth2-(2)        Descendants of the Earth2-(3)        Confutátis
           Descendants of the Earth1-(2)      Descendants of the Earth1-(3)      Descendants of the Earth1-(4)      Oh! oh! oh!
2010   Avenue of the south Wind        Descendants of the Earth1

2009   Ave Maria(2009)        Spring(1st Movement)        Spring(2nd Movement)        Four-things        Cloud-Spotting

           Wave-Landscape        Flower-Birds        Floats-to-Earth        Floats-to-Earth2        White-Clouds        Street-Autumn
2008   Ave Maria(The Announciation)        Ave Maria        Ave Maria(Rosary)        Footprints        Rainy-midnight

           Pompei4        Pompei5        My mind 2        Milano4        Milano5        Firenze4        Siena        Pisa
2007   Venezia2        Venezia3        Firenze2        Firenze3        Pompei2        Pompei3        Italia-suite

2006   Milano        Milano2        Milano3        Venezia        Firenze        Pompei

2004   Wood        Plaza        Mind        Sprite        Dream

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