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                                                or Both of these: GNU LilyPond Music Typesetter - News: LilyPond 2.24.0 released!

¶ LilyPond   Running Manuals Download URL
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: previous stable versions and current as a compressed archive.    ¶Doc tarball for 2.24.3: LilyPond 2.24.3
             See usage.pdf for lilypond running  ($ tar Jxvf lilypond-2.24.3-documentation.tar.xz ===> ......../share/doc/lilypond/html/Documentation/usage.pdf)

¶ LilyPond ver2.24.3(<<=====2.22.2)  NEWS.txt(pdf)  ALL-files
      running(linux)====>>$ ./ NEWS.txt[Enter]   or $ lilypond --pdf[Enter]         Windows OS====>>>lilypond --pdf[Enter]
       "" is an excerpt from the text on the "$ tar Jxvf lilypond-2.24.3-documentation.tar.xz ===> ......./share/doc/lilypond/html/NEWS.txt>NEWS.txt" (html Sorry)

Refer; running(>mozart.pdf (mozart.texi , mozart.log)       mozart.tar.gz----Only linux; $ ./ mozart[Enter]  $ ./ mozart[Enter]---- 
Refer; running(>road-17.pdf (road-17.texi , road-17.log)   book-road-17.tar.gz ----Only linux; $ ./ road-17[Enter]
                                       <==Reference comparison==>(2023)Road-17(road-17.pdf and road-17.texi)----

¶ Refer   • Gail Selkirk - Songbird of Swing - Plunging into Lilypond  [Click to (Musi) ]       ¶ LilyPond's sheet music and midi etc, please ======>See  mutopia(web)

About Music Engraving   Music Engraving on Metal Plates --YouTube
The command-line utility "LilyPond" is a tool for Music-sheet users.
         ¶ Invitation write Score,   invitation.html   invitation.pdf   Source files[about: 21000bytes](2024>run--texi invitation[Enter] on linux !! But need makeinfo file)
GNU Texinfo manual

        The above; It is a running of invitation.[Linux(on wsl) ]
        The result html, pdf is displayed by processing.
Running is LilyPond ver2.24.0(or ver UP)  See in;

files-refer:                               invitation.texi(line#1-1,279)
The display is under my environment. Also, invitation.htm was created via Texinfo(makeinfo).
Windows;   >run--texi invitation[Enter]PDF file display only(Although it creates many svg files).

      ---- wallpepar!(Beam of light on a forest road; download free)---
                Example; Sheet-music by Lilypond .[Linux ( on WSL) ]
run! $ ./ earth[Enter]     Refer; Earth
And running is LilyPond ver2.24.0(or ver UP)

                                                             usage; makeinfo
The display is under my environment. Also, earth.htm was created via Texinfo(makeinfo).
Windows; >lilypond --pdf --png[Enter]

Recommendation: Use a Windows computer in the WSL environment. And lilypond.....(Linux)! [Preferably TeX-system, too]
Because, the WSL environment for Windows is a seamless combination of windows OS and Linux OS.

TeXample   LilyPond program files,...etc. ====> For Label of saved DVD
  Use Tikz:

Results after fine adjustment
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    circle-cd2.pdf        circle-cd2.tex   Run ---Linux $ ./ circle-cd2[Enter]      
If luatex-running doesn't work, pdftex-running is OK.[]
(I think luaTeX is no-running if it is a TeX distribution version before 2018.)
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