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: previous stable versions and current as a compressed archive.    ¶ lilypond-2.22.1.documentation.tar.bz2(about;190.050KB)


WSL(GNU/Linux 4.4.0-19041-Microsoft x86_64)

Today's Windows OS environment is already able to switch between both
Windows OS & Linux OS with CLI(command line interface).
You can see GNU/linux in the figure on the left.

The three videos below; The video directly below calls in the same file as
=cmd/windows|sh/Linux and processes it.
The video below is sh/Linux=vim Editor with *.ly,*.latex manuscript open.

The process of invitation.texi in the lower right is the process of calling
Linux directly(To make html for web from texi manuscript file).
--- Also, You can open various executable files of windows OS from the Linux side. For example,
$ Brave.exe[Enter]
../my-dream$ notepad++.exe my-dream.texi[Enter] ....etc..!

  • Note to Windows Users       In the future, the running of makeinfo(on Texinfo) became Linux only.
    Shared running of "Windows11 and Ubuntu[on WSL(windows11)]" ---Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.0-19041-Microsoft x86_64)---

    Shared-files: ---- mourner.texi
      Below the next line Form; Mourner(2012)
    running-script: --- run--lily.cmd(Windows)   //
         [ October 26, 2021 windows 11<===Upgread windows 10 ]

        wallpepar!(download free)
        Windows11(64bit);<===>Ubuntu[on WSL(windows11)]
      Seamlessly display and play running and app-open(to me!);
      Windows OS's "sumatraPDF","windows media player","explorer.exe(*.html)"

    mkdir html
    lilypond --pdf --png
    lilypond -dbackend=svg
    makeinfo --no-split --force --html %1.texi
    rename %1.mid %1.midi
    move /y *.svg html\
    move /y *.pdf html\
    move /y *.png html\
    move /y *.midi html\
    move /y *.html html\
    cd html
    %1.pdf | %1.midi | %1.html
    cd ..\
    erase *.eps *.mid
    dir /oe
    mkdir html
    lilypond --pdf --png $
    lilypond -dbackend=svg $
    makeinfo --no-split --force --html $1.texi
    mv *.svg html/
    mv *.pdf html/
    mv *.png html/
    mv *.midi html/
    mv *.html html/
    cd html
    xdg-open $1.pdf | xdg-open $1.midi | \
    explorer.exe $1.html
    rm *.eps
    ls -l

    About; WSL Environment on windows11(64bit)<===== This is a tool for application developers. Not for general PC users.
    That is to say; Never run on a computer with RAM(4GB, or 8GB). Even if you are running and running, your computer will soon be unrunnable and unrepairable.
    Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS(Microsoft Store) is a bare OS without a package( "lilypond" , "CTAN(TeX)","Ghostscript"..... not built in). You must install each package yourself.
    And ---On my Environment(wsl); It has already been imported. ..... $ ./[Enter] ... --- Don't forget to give the execution right!---

         Samples:Sheet music[svg, pdf, png, mid(mp3)]
    Simple; milano3(2006)    Middle; pisa(2007)    Recommend; Avenue of the south Wind(2010)    Form; Mourner(2012)    Refer; StoryLady(2019)

    Refer; The command-line utility "wget" is Windows binaries of GNU(ver 1.21.1);  File(s) can be downloaded from the URL.
         About; Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.0-19041-Microsoft x86_64)
                                    Ubuntu [on WSL(windows 11)] == CLI( Command line interface).   Not GUI[Ubuntu]

    The command-line utility "LilyPond" is a tool for Music-sheet users.

             ¶ Invitation write Score,   invitation.html   invitation.pdf    Source files[about: 20500bytes](run! linux on wsl; Texinfo;make)
           >run--script pisa[Enter]     (windows11[64bit;pro])
        Here; "svg/pdf/ midi" Open in a batch file.
        source;example-3.tar.gz(about 3Kbytes)

         [ October 26, 2021 windows 11<===Upgread windows 10 ]
            The above; It is a running of invitation.[texinfo==>*.html/pdf; run is only Linux(on wsl)]
        The result html, pdf is displayed by processing.

         [ October 26, 2021 windows 11<===Upgread windows 10 ]
    Let's use a personal computer in a WSL environment[GNU/Linux 4.4.0-19041-Microsoft x86_64], And lilypond.....(Linux)! [Preferably TeX-system, too]
    Because, the WSL environment for Windows is a seamless combination of windows OS and Linux OS.

    LilyPond program files,...etc. ====> For Label of saved DVD
    LaTeX on Windows;  lily-cdlabel.pdf    lily-cdlabel.latex (running; >run-latex lily-cdlabel[Enter]) log-file;lily-cdlabel.log
                                                                   |It is the same file.|
    LaTeX on Linux;        lily-cdlabel.pdf    lily-cdlabel.latex (running; $ ./ lily-cdlabel[Enter]) log-file;lily-cdlabel.log

      >run--latex lily-cdlabel[Enter]
    (Not pdflatex's running.)
    -- run--latex.cmd ---
    latex %1.latex
    dvips -Ppdf %1.dvi
    call ps2pdf
    erase *.aux *.dvi *.ps
    dir /oe
      $ ./ lily-cdlabel[Enter]
    (Not pdflatex's running.)
    -- ---
    latex $1.latex
    dvips -Ppdf $1.dvi
    ps2pdf -dNOSAFER $
    xdg-open $1.pdf
    rm *.aux *.dvi *.ps
    ls -la

    Music theory(Online;English)
  • Please click "music theory"  in [table presentation].

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