LilyPond ver 2.22.1 Running program Download URL
Microsoft Windows (LilyPond 2.22.1)    ¶ lilypond-2.22.1.mingw.exe(about;31.685KB)
          Let's do it! ....bin\lilypond-book =====>Rename;=====>   Then, you can use "lilypond-book" for Texinfo !!
LilyPond ver 2.22.1 Running Manuals Download URL
Other material;  All
: previous stable versions and current as a compressed archive.    ¶ lilypond-2.22.1.documentation.tar.bz2(about;190.050KB)
Please Download it! and Please Do!   On windows os. then,
In Downloaded Location(your)       >bzip2 -d lilypond-2.22.1-1.documentation.tar.bz2[Enter] ...So,
The file extension is removed and replaced with the raw name. ¶ "lilypond-2.22.1-1.documentation.tar"
And then, At the same place;          >tar xvf lilypond-2.22.1-1.documentation.tar[Enter]

Deployment will take a considerable amount of time.
---If the cursor is blinking, it is running ( wait until it finishes)---

But! You can see at the same place; ....\share\doc\lilypond\html\Documentation\...." in your PC, [Many many files and so on.]
        You can see or search in your's PC, No connect to the Internet.
        Also. What has changed with ver-up? You can know some of them. See ===> .....\share\doc\lilypond\html\NEWS.txt

In YouTube ; A tutorial of LilyPond [Video distribution] View;OS differences do not matter, LilyPond's code does not choose OS.
  • Example  : Gail Selkirk - Songbird of Swing - Plunging into Lilypond  <----- please Click to ( Music).
  • LilyPond's sheet music and midi etc, please ======>See  mutopia(web)
  •   or (They both are GUI of LilyPond music engraver.)
  • ( On web; Editor of LilyPond music engraver. <=====EveryBody, Please, try! try! LilyPond.
  • LilyPond's outstanding thing is to be able to output formatted sheet music in SVG file, in particular to display the best musical score for loading on WEB-Page.
            running is;
            (prompt)>lilypond -dbackend=svg[Enter]
    If there is no svg correspondence on the server side, you can copy it to your .htaccess file by doing copy ===> paste, the following two lines
            # Use PHP5 Single php.ini as default
            AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5s .php

  • Note to Windows Users
    Shared running of "Windows10 and Ubuntu[on WSL(windows10)]" ---Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.0-19041-Microsoft x86_64)---

    Shared-files: ---- mourner.texi
      Below the next line Form; Mourner(2012)
    running-script: --- run--lily.cmd(Windows)   //

        wallpepar!(download free)
           Windows10(64bit);<===>Ubuntu[on WSL(windows10)]
    Seamlessly display and play running and results.
    app-open; windowsOS's "sumatraPDF" and "windows media player"(to me!)

    mkdir html
    lilypond --pdf --png
    lilypond -dbackend=svg
    makeinfo --no-split --force --html %1.texi
    rename %1.mid %1.midi
    move /y *.svg html\
    move /y *.pdf html\
    move /y *.png html\
    move /y *.midi html\
    move /y *.html html\
    rem lilypond -dbackend=eps
    rem latex %1-sheet.latex
    rem dvips -P pdf %1-sheet.dvi
    rem call ps2pdf
    rem move /y *-sheet.pdf html\
    rem html\%1.pdf | html\%1-sheet.pdf | html\%1.midi
    html\%1.pdf | html\%1.midi
    erase *.count *.out *.aux *-systems.tex *-systems.texi ^
    *.dvi *.ps *.eps *.svg *.pdf
    dir /oe
    mkdir html
    lilypond --pdf --png $
    lilypond -dbackend=svg $
    makeinfo --no-split --force --html $1.texi
    mv *.svg html/
    mv *.pdf html/
    mv *.png html/
    mv *.midi html/
    mv *.html html/
    # lilypond -dbackend=eps $
    # latex $1-sheet.latex
    # dvips -P pdf $1-sheet.dvi
    # ps2pdf $
    # mv $1-sheet.pdf html/
    # xdg-open html/$1.pdf | xdg-open html/$1-sheet.pdf | xdg-open html/$1.midi
    xdg-open html/$1.pdf | xdg-open html/$1.midi
    rm *.count *.out *.aux *-systems.tex *-systems.texi
    rm *.dvi *.ps *.eps *.svg *.pdf
    ls -l
    About; WSL Environment on windows10(64bit)<===== This is a tool for application developers. Not for general PC users.
    But! PC environment requires "windows10(64bit) i5/i7 Intel® Core and RAM 32GB"    "On RAM(4GB,8GB); Good-running? Oh! no! don't running ... Eventually(someday)--->
       ---And If: When you were getting bad-running when on startting;  (directly) DO! Power:off   then....and after about 3minutes
       ---Pushing power(for 30sec) ===>How is Start windows10? ---Good-running? or Still Bad-running?
       ---Start good-running; Very good!   But bad-keeping-running====>(you)Should need call(phone) to PC's suport-departments!!
    That is to say; Never run on a computer with RAM(4GB, or 8GB). Even if you are running and running, your computer will soon be unrunnable and unrepairable.
    For Windows; #1)   the latest "W32TeX and TeX Live 2021" distribution excludes makeinfo.exe(32bit) ... etc and! This is very good, because===>see #2)
                           #2)  windows(makeinfo.exe) doesn't have html document declaration, etc. You can see it by comparing the source description of "mourner.html" above.
                                  ---- Texinfo defaults to png, svg is my edit of the created file ----
    For Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS(Microsoft Store) is a bare OS without a package (texlive,lilypond ..... not built in). You must install each package yourself.
    And Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS; is still "lilypond ver2.20.0"    But! ---on My Environment(wsl); It has already been imported. ..... $ ./[Enter] etc ... ---

         Samples:Sheet music[svg, pdf, png, mid(mp3)]
    Simple&easy; milano3(2006)    Middle&normal; pisa(2007)    Recommend; Avenue of the south Wind(2010)    Form; Mourner(2012)    Refer; StoryLady(2019)

    Refer; The command-line utility "wget" is Windows binaries of GNU(ver 1.21.1);  File(s) can be downloaded from the URL.
           About; Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.0-19041-Microsoft x86_64)
                    Ubuntu [on WSL(windows 10)]; The latest; explore.exe run ( $ explorer.exe .[Enter] )   ubuntu<==explorer==>windows10 !!
                    Ubuntu [on WSL(windows 10)] == CLI( Command line interface).   Not GUI[Ubuntu]

    To describe in sheet music.
    From here this location is for in Japan and windows10(Japanese Edition)

    [この注意事項は; path値(command-line)でrunningを実施するならです.]
    自己のPCへインストール前に, !!環境変数!!: path = の値をsaveして他所へ置くこと.
    The command-line utility "LilyPond" is a tool for Music-sheet users.

    ¶ LilyPond commentary reading,   commentary-html   commentary-pdf    Source files[about:2,100,000bytes](Texinfo;make) // (cmd.exe) >run--texi-all test-1[Enter]//
  • "LilyPond + LaTeX" & "lilypond + Texinfor" running模様です(cmd.exe).
  •        >run--script pisa[Enter]     (windows10[64bit;pro])
        バッチファイルで"svg/pdf/midi" Openを行っています.
    source;example-3.tar.gz(about 3Kbytes)

            上記 >run--texi-all test-1のrunningです. (windows10[64bit;Home])
        LilyPond作成epsを[TeX + Ghostscript]Windows側での 処理(バッチ) 2021/01/07

    font; Search;(out;unix-format)

                                                                                                     About test-1.texi; (GNU)Texinfo;==>See; texinfo-ja(ver 4.3,14) (和語書)[Windows10 OK]

         Sheet music in the document ======> Integrate.pdf  [intergrate.latex]      Integrate.pdf  [intergrate.tex]       Source Code  platex  ptex //(*.* + run-*.cmd)
                                                                              mozart.pdf    mozart+page1.png    mozart+page2.png    mozart.tar.gz(Source code)
         多言語混在 ly 原稿ファイル ======> utf-8jw.html (SVGファイルです)  ====>  原稿ファイル+running.cmd

         楽譜 and 詩 [It is not a translation of Japanese into English. English is English, Japanese is Japanese.---Environment]
                      Road-13    Road-14    Road-15    Road-16     ===      [ web-poem-2019.pdf (run + source; web-poem-2019.gz(about;4630bytes)]

         LilyPond ver2.22.1-1 の ....bin\lilypond-book ファイルを Rename; に書き換えれば
               lilypond-book は 日本語版Windows OSで はrunning(for texinfo)ます.    [上記参照; mozart]
            [ lilypond -dbackend=eps でepsを作り, それを "windows側: 和語対応TeX system"running(ly原稿+バッチrun)でも 可能です. ]

         LilyPond の Uninstall(Windows OS)は , コントロール・パネルの"プログラムの機能"(on click)
           "プログラムのアンインストールまたは変更"でLilyPondを (on click)---->LilyPond(削除ポップアップ)で実行できます.
           後は空のフォルダ(C:\Program Files (x86)\LilyPond)を削除します.

    ● The command-line utility "LilyPond"
    日本語版 WindowsOS で cmd 利用 running なら, コードページを chcp 437 通称[(IBM)USコード]へ切り替えて使用が何かと利便性が優れます.
    コードぺ―ジ値はOSによって違います, また, 国際基準はありません. 日本国内PC普遍(コードページ値;932[Japanese(Shift-JIS)]は推薦できません.
    On Webで"cmd"単語で検索すると沢山ヒットしますので, 自己の感性に合った webページに出会うことを祈っています.

  • Windows10 について, micrsoft社のイベント(その他のゼミ...)参照です. Please <Go!> channel9;
    動画.mp4 + 動画字幕.vtt == (視聴); OS組込みの[映画&テレビ]APPでOK, それ以外なら
    もしも, 動画mp4のdownloadがpcでキャッシュsaveなら
    Windows media playerで動画表示し, ファイル場所を開く選択で ファイルcopyで自己PC内部へファイルを保存できます.

  • LilyPond プログラムファイル等々====>Save DVDのLabel用
    LaTeX 仕様;   lily-cdlabel.pdf    lily-cdlabel.latex (running; >run-latex lily-cdlabel[Enter])
    TeX 仕様;   lily-cdlabel.pdf    lily-cdlabel.tex (running; >run-tex lily-cdlabel[Enter])

         run--latex.cmd                                                                  run--tex.cmd
    (>run--latex lily-cdlabel[Enter])                                      (>run--tex lily-cdlabel[Enter])
    latex %1.latex
    dvips -P dl %1.dvi
    call ps2pdf
    erase *.aux *.log *.dvi *.ps
    dir /oe
    tex %1.tex
    dvips -P pdf %1.dvi
    call ps2pdf
    erase *.aux *.log *.dvi *.ps
    dir /oe

    Music theory(Online;English)
  • Please click "music theory"  in [table presentation].

  • Musicallogical document作成の参考として(Wikipedia)
  • 音楽学(音楽に関する学問的研究)
  • 音楽理論(音および音楽に関する諸現象を記述する理論)
  • 音(振動と波動)
  • 演奏記号

  • Web; Top Page