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                                                or Both of these: GNU LilyPond Music Typesetter - News: LilyPond 2.24.0 released!

¶ LilyPond   Running Manuals Download URL
  Other material;  All
: previous stable versions and current as a compressed archive.    ¶Doc tarball for 2.24.3: LilyPond 2.24.3
             See usage.pdf for lilypond running  ($ tar Jxvf lilypond-2.24.3-documentation.tar.xz ===> ......../share/doc/lilypond/html/Documentation/usage.pdf)

¶ LilyPond ver2.24.3(<<=====2.22.2)  NEWS.txt(pdf)  ALL-files
      running(linux)====>>$ ./ NEWS.txt[Enter]   or $ lilypond --pdf[Enter]         Windows OS====>>>lilypond --pdf[Enter]
       "" is an excerpt from the text on the "$ tar Jxvf lilypond-2.24.3-documentation.tar.xz ===> ......./share/doc/lilypond/html/NEWS.txt>NEWS.txt" (html Sorry)

¶ Refer(sheet);   • Samuel Barber - (SATB choir) Agnus dei (with score)     <=== YouTube    Refer(song);   YouTube ===> • Agnus Dei - Samuel Barber LIVE     • Voktett Hannover & VOCES8: Agnus Dei (Samuel Barber)
---- I think this will be a useful reference for writing music scores.----                                                             Brave browser;; blocked <===Trackers and ads ! m(_ _)m

¶ Refer   • Gail Selkirk - Songbird of Swing - Plunging into Lilypond  [please Click to ( Music) ]       ¶ LilyPond's sheet music and midi etc, please ======>See  mutopia(web)

About Music Engraving   Music Engraving on Metal Plates --YouTube
The command-line utility "LilyPond" is a tool for Music-sheet users.
         ¶ Invitation write Score,   invitation.html   invitation.pdf   Source files[about: 21000bytes](2024>run--texi invitation[Enter] on linux !! But need makeinfo file)
GNU Texinfo manual

        The above; It is a running of invitation.[Linux(on wsl) ]
        The result html, pdf is displayed by processing.
Running is LilyPond ver2.24.0(or ver UP)  See in;

files-refer:                               invitation.texi(line#1-1,279)
The display is under my environment. Also, invitation.htm was created via Texinfo(makeinfo).
Windows;   >run--texi invitation[Enter]PDF file display only(Although it creates many svg files).

      ---- wallpepar!(Beam of light on a forest road; download free)---

        Example; Sheet-music by Lilypond .[Linux ( on WSL) ]
run! $ ./ nothing[Enter]     Refer; Nothing
And running is LilyPond ver2.24.0(or ver UP)

The display is under my environment. Also, nothing.htm was created via Texinfo(makeinfo).
Normally; "Windows & Linux" [Prompt]   lilypond --pdf --png[Enter]


¶ Reading Material

Statements about WSL(1) and Lilypond(2.24.3).;For general users

¶wsl environment construction[General User]
    ¶Windows Home edition[64bit and Memory standard capacity;32GB( or 16GB)]

-----Avoid installing with "wsl.exe"(wsl.exe is an explanation for developers).-----
When a general user "uses wsl.exe": It's time to remove the Ubuntu (wsl) environment.
cmd(exe); >wsl.exe --unregister Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS[Enter] !!
!!Completely remove any trace of values(wsl's) from registers.!!

    1) Items to confirm (required)
Control panel ===>Program function ===>Enabling or disabling windows features::
Open ! :: Put a check.
windows subsystem for linux
virtual machine platform

  !! (Prepare the "user name" and "password" to enter the Ubuntu OS in advance) !!
Start; from "windows store" === get install Ubuntu[22.04.3 LTS]
Do! install ====> Once everything is done, be sure to do the following:
First of all; $ sudo apt update[Enter] ---And then--- $ sudo apt upgrade[Enter]
                                                                           Ubuntu[22.04.3 LTS] running(As wsl 1) OK!
To exit Ubuntu, use $ exit[Enter] to return to the windows OS.

----- You can omit the installation below! (It's a matter of preference) ----
       Then; from windows store ===get install "Windows Subsystem for linux"
       Windows start At Subsystem's Icon <==click!GNU/Linux(wsl) is run over Ubuntu.

        Easy installation build(lilypond,texlive,ghostscript,texinfo(makeinfo)
  • $ sudo apt install lilypond[Enter] ## ---But this is "version 2.22.2"---
  • $ sudo apt install texlive[Enter] ##---This is not "install-tl-unx.tar.gz"---
         ## The extraction location of TeX's file is different.
         ## apt install texlive====>\\wsl.localhost\Ubuntu-22.04\usr\share\texlive
         ## From install-tl-unx.tar.gz===>\\wsl.localhost\Ubuntu-22.04\usr\local\texlive
       ##"Local" is called first, so there is no conflict between the two(TeX-systemu)
  • $ sudo apt install ghostscript[Enter]
  • $ sudo apt install texinfo[Enter] ### Get "makeinfo"     usage; makeinfo
  • $ sudo apt install xdg-utils[Enter] ### Perform its functions on behalf of explorer.exe (WSL) ---
  • $ sudo apt install xdg-wslu[enter] ### --- For wsl
About xdg-open
If the file does not open with the following error displayed when opening the file, execute the following.
       /usr/bin/xdg-open: 882: links2: not found
       /usr/bin/xdg-open: 882: elinks: not found
       /usr/bin/xdg-open: 882: links: not found
       /usr/bin/xdg-open: 882: lynx: not found
       /usr/bin/xdg-open: 882: w3m: not found
       xdg-open: no method available for opening ''
    1:) $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wslutilities/wslu[Enter]
    2:) $ sudo apt update[Enter]
    3:) $ sudo apt install wslu[Enter]
But! I don't know about xdg-open under "wsl 2" environment.( I don't use "Windows Pro edition".)

Linux; LilyPond(latest-version)---lilypond-2.24.3-linux-x86_64.tar.gz--- install to WSL(Linux=Ubuntu[22.04.3 LTS])
The latest distribution of lilypond requires you to install it yourself.
         Windows OS download-file is Usually the file is stored here (C:\Users\Your's Name\Downloads\........)
Do download   lilypond-2.24.3-linux-x86_64.tar.gz
Downloaded file   C:\Users\Your's Name\Downloads\lilypond-2.24.3-linux-x86_64.tar.gz
Please avoid moving this lilypond-2.24.3-linux-x86_64.tar.gz to the Ubnutu environment using explorer.exe (though you can actually do that).

Execute from Linux side.(Your's home;; \\wsl.localhost\Ubuntu-22.04\home\Your's name )
Example;                 • Your's Name:~$ cp /mnt/c/Users/Your--Name/Downloads/lilypond-2.24.3-linux-x86_64.tar.gz ./ [Enter]
You can See ===>Your's Name:~$ .....That there is "lilypond-2.24.3-linux-x86_64.tar.gz"
DO; Expand this;   • Your's Name:~$ tar xvfz lilypond-2.24.3-linux-x86_64.tar.gz[Enter]

This is my home page(Figure 2) with everything done, I will explain based on this.
The running package file for ---"lilypond-2.24.3"--- will appear as shown in Figure 2.
------- Below: Running configuration work for lilypond-2.24.3 Figure-2:
------- The First row shows /home/yukio/ with all the work done.
------- The Second row shows /home/yukio/bin/
------- The Third row is the display in /home/yukio/lilypond-2.24.3/

First of all
---As an example--- First, let's check the PATH that Ubnutu calls at startup.
[picture of My phote]
The search starts here(/home/yukio/bin:/.....). If there is a command specified in this bin, it will be executed immediately (no matter what is in the PATH description later)
However: This "bin" does not exist in [yukio] from the beginning. Create it yourself --- and Ubuntu will recognize it.
( Your's name:~$ mkdir bin[Enter]) Example; yukio@book3:~$ mkdir bin[Enter]...... "bin" is empty (files are stateless.)

  Figure 2(....This is my screen after all the construction is completed.)。
[picture of My phote]
Your name:~$ To make bin look like the second row of the above(Figure 2) ---to put lilypond/bin/files into bin in a runnable manner.---
Do the following:
First, let's take a look at the "executable files"(commands) provided in lilypond-2.24.3/bin/.....
[picture of My phote]
Please compare the second row of Figure-2 with the above image.
      ----The second row of Figure-2 is actually a symbolic link file.----
The next step is to create this symbolic link file in your bin.
Your name:~$ cd bin[Enter]
"Your name:~/bin$" is now current working location.      ----Let's start creating symbolic link files.----
  • Your name:~/bin$ ln -s ../lilypond-2.24.3/bin/abc2ly ./[Enter]
  • Your name:~/bin$ ln -s ../lilypond-2.24.3/bin/convert-ly ./[Enter]
  • Your name:~/bin$ ln -s ../lilypond-2.24.3/bin/etf2ly ./[Enter]
  • Your name:~/bin$ ln -s ../lilypond-2.24.3/bin/lilymidi ./[Enter]
  • Your name:~/bin$ ln -s ../lilypond-2.24.3/bin/lilypond ./[Enter]
  • Your name:~/bin$ ln -s ../lilypond-2.24.3/bin/lilypond-book ./[Enter]
  • Your name:~/bin$ ln -s ../lilypond-2.24.3/bin/lilypond-invoke-editor ./[Enter]
  • Your name:~/bin$ ln -s ../lilypond-2.24.3/bin/lilysong ./[Enter]
  • Your name:~/bin$ ln -s ../lilypond-2.24.3/bin/midi2ly ./[Enter]
  • Your name:~/bin$ ln -s ../lilypond-2.24.3/bin/musicxml2ly ./[Enter]
Once you're done, run "ls -lX" and you should see the same display as the second row of "Figer 2".
Your name:~/bin$ cd ../[Enter]
Your name:~$ lilypond[Enter] Displays how to use lilypond.
It should take some time at first as lilypond searches for fonts on your PC and cash-saves them.
This is an additional description
•Even if you do---"$ sudo apt install lilypond[Enter] (version 2.22.2)"---the above version 2.24.3 is better. running (version 2.22.2 is ignored).
             ----If you run "Your name:~$ mv bin new-bin[Enter]" (if you remove it from /home/Your name/bin) running will be version 2.22.2 ----

• Installing texlive from install-tl-unx.tar.gz takes a long time. After everything is done again Add a symbolic link under the /usr/local/bin directory yourself.
             ( creating symbolic link  ----- Do by yourself;$ sudo /usr/local/texlive/????/bin/*/tlmgr path add[Enter] ----- )

• Once "$ sudo apt install texlive[Enter]" has finished, running is OK

• "WSL 2" is completely an environment for developers (and system engineers). I think general users using Windows Home will find it difficult to use. m(_ _)m

TeXample   LilyPond program files,...etc. ====> For Label of saved DVD
  Use Tikz:

Results after fine adjustment
[picture of My phote]


    circle-cd2.pdf        circle-cd2.tex   Run ---Linux $ ./ circle-cd2[Enter]      
If luatex-running doesn't work, pdftex-running is OK.[]
(I think luaTeX is no-running if it is a TeX distribution version before 2018.)
Image start
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Music theory(Online;English)
  • Please click "music theory"  in [table presentation].

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