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: previous stable versions and current as a compressed archive.    ¶ lilypond-2.22.1.documentation.tar.bz2(about;190.050KB)

           [ October 26, 2021 windows 11<===Upgread windows 10 ]

WSL(GNU/Linux 4.4.0-19041-Microsoft x86_64)

Today's Windows OS environment is already able to switch between both
Windows OS & Linux OS with CLI(command line interface).
You can see GNU/linux in the figure on the left.

--- Also, You can open various executable files of windows OS from the Linux side.
............ For example, ......................
$ Brave.exe[Enter]
$ gswin64c.exe -sDEVICE=eps2write -sOutputFile=name.eps -dNOPAUSE -c quit[Enter]
$ gswin64.exe name.eps[Enter]
$ notepad++.exe my-dream.texi[Enter] ....etc..!
............Well,well...There is no end. .........
And,..Very Sorry! You no longer need vim for windows OS. You can open Linux vim with WSL.
The same is true for lilypond.
(Because the actual situation of windows-Lilypond is running of linux-lilypond)

  • Example(Use to run);
          Please refer to usage.pdf(ver lilypond 2.22.1) for details. Here is a video of the texi file manuscript description running.
    ---Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.0-19041-Microsoft x86_64)---
    Windows OS


          ---- wallpepar!(Beam of light on a forest road; download free)---
          "" is included in the Texi manuscript("ave-maria-sheet.texi") file.

    Echo off
    chcp 437
    RD /s /q html
    Echo on
    lilypond --pdf
    lilypond -dbackend=svg
    MD html
    move *.mid html\%1-2011.midi
    move *.pdf html\%1-2011.pdf
    move *.svg html\
    copy /y refer\*.html html\
    md texi-out
    copy title-eps\*.eps texi-out\
    lilypond-book --output=texi-out %1-sheet.texi
    cd texi-out
    tex %1-sheet.texi
    dvips -t letter -P pdf %1-sheet.dvi
    call ps2pdf %1-sheet-2011.pdf
    move *.pdf ..\html\
    cd ..\html
    cd ..\
    RD /s /q texi-out
    dir /oe
    #! /usr/bin/bash
    rm -r html
    lilypond --pdf $
    lilypond -dbackend=svg $
    mkdir html
    mv $1.pdf html/$1-2011.pdf
    mv *.svg html/
    mv *.midi html/
    cp refer/*.html html/
    mkdir texi-out
    cp title-eps/*.eps texi-out/
    lilypond-book --output=texi-out $1-sheet.texi
    cd texi-out
    tex $1-sheet.texi
    dvips -t letter -P pdf $1-sheet.dvi
    ps2pdf $  $1-sheet-2011.pdf
    cp *.pdf ../html/
    cd ../html
    explorer.exe ave-maria-2011.html
    cd ../
    rm -r texi-out
    ls -la

        Obviously, the * .svg and * .pdf created respectively are exactly the same.

        However, as a note. Lilypond windows os version,
        If the file in bin(C:\Program Files (x86)\LilyPond\usr\bin) is lilypond-book,
        Change it to, Now "lilypond-book" will run on the windows version as well.

    About; WSL Environment on windows11(64bit)<===== This is a tool for application developers. Not for general PC users.
    That is to say; Never run on a computer with RAM(4GB, or 8GB). Even if you are running and running, your computer will soon be unrunnable and unrepairable.
    Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS(Microsoft Store) is a bare OS without a package( "lilypond" , "CTAN(TeX)","Ghostscript"..... not built in). You must install each package yourself.
    And ---On my Environment(wsl); It has already been imported. ..... $ ./[Enter] ... --- Don't forget to give the execution right!---

         Samples:Sheet music[svg, pdf, png, mid(mp3)]
    Simple; milano3(2006)    Middle; pisa(2007)    Recommend; Avenue of the south Wind(2010)    Form; Mourner(2012)    Refer; StoryLady(2019)

    Refer; The command-line utility "wget" is Windows binaries of GNU(ver 1.21.1);  File(s) can be downloaded from the URL.
         About; Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.0-19041-Microsoft x86_64)
                                    Ubuntu [on WSL(windows 11)] == CLI( Command line interface).   Not GUI[Ubuntu]

    The command-line utility "LilyPond" is a tool for Music-sheet users.

             ¶ Invitation write Score,   invitation.html   invitation.pdf    Source files[about: 20500bytes](run! linux on wsl; Texinfo;make)
           >run--script pisa[Enter]     (windows11[64bit;pro])
        Here; "svg/pdf/ midi" Open in a batch file.
        source;example-3.tar.gz(about 3Kbytes)

            The above; It is a running of invitation.[texinfo==>run is only Linux(on wsl)]
        The result html, pdf is displayed by processing.

    Let's use a personal computer in a WSL environment[GNU/Linux 4.4.0-19041-Microsoft x86_64], And lilypond.....(Linux)! [Preferably TeX-system, too]
    Because, the WSL environment for Windows is a seamless combination of windows OS and Linux OS.

    LilyPond program files,...etc. ====> For Label of saved DVD
    LaTeX on Windows;  lily-cdlabel.pdf    lily-cdlabel.latex (running; >run-latex lily-cdlabel[Enter]) log-file;lily-cdlabel.log
                                                                   |It is the same file.|
    LaTeX on Linux;        lily-cdlabel.pdf    lily-cdlabel.latex (running; $ ./ lily-cdlabel[Enter]) log-file;lily-cdlabel.log

      >run--latex lily-cdlabel[Enter]
    (Not pdflatex's running.)
    -- run--latex.cmd ---
    latex %1.latex
    dvips -Ppdf %1.dvi
    call ps2pdf
    erase *.aux *.dvi *.ps
    dir /oe
      $ ./ lily-cdlabel[Enter]
    (Not pdflatex's running.)
    -- ---
    latex $1.latex
    dvips -Ppdf $1.dvi
    ps2pdf -dNOSAFER $
    xdg-open $1.pdf
    rm *.aux *.dvi *.ps
    ls -la

    Music theory(Online;English)
  • Please click "music theory"  in [table presentation].

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