%% use fonts;T1(8bit code) families.
\font\bfLARGEIT=cmbxti10 at 36pt
\font\LARGEit=cmbxti10 at 26pt
\font\bfLarge=cmbx10 at 12pt
\font\bfLargeit=cmbxti10 at 12pt
\font\bflarge=cmbx10 at 11pt
\font\seventit=cmti10 at 7pt
\font\sevensl=cmsl10 at 7pt
\font\magfont = cmbxsl10 scaled \magstep3
\markboth{\hskip2pc {\it\tiny  }}
{\hskip2pc {\it\tiny }}

%%\centerline {\bfLarge Openning Start Score}
\centerline {\bfLarge Draft Score}
\centerline{{\sevenrm --- Basic Form ---}}
\kern -5pt
\centerline{{\sevenrm All choice freedom and free dynamic.}}
%% \kern -5pt
\hskip .52in MezzoSoprano\qquad \it Instruments \quad{\tt mezzosoprano and,}
\hskip .6in Soprano\qquad \it Instruments \quad{\tt soprano and,}
\centerline{\hskip .6in Alto\qquad \it Instruments \quad{\tt alto and,}
\centerline{\hskip .6in Tenore\qquad \it Instruments \quad{\tt tenore and,}
\centerline{\hskip .6in Bass\qquad \it Instruments \quad{\tt bass and,}
\centerline {\hskip .6in \sevensl (%
Note: Some of Instruments there is a difference between writing-note and real-note.)}\par
\centerline {\inchFont SHEET}
\centerline {\bfLarge \textcolor{blue}{Oh! You Know? My Life?}}


\hskip 8pc {\bfLarge and}\par

\hspace*{3pc} \vbox{{\magfont Oh! You Know? My Life?}\par
\hbox{\hsize = 5in\vtop{ { \everypar = {\hskip 2pc}
You! the king of kings!\par
Do you know, My life?\par
Do you know, My Life?\par
I'm the dougther who ever you've killed the Lineage and the Family.\par
Yes, so you must be remember, that Who am I.\par
The king of kings, you are Right.\par
I'm really right the Doughter.\par
You'll be understand Why? All sort of Things, and me.\par

\hoffset = -0.3in
\input sketch5-systems.tex

%% \newpage
%% \hoffset = 0in
%% \vspace*{1pc}
%% \hskip 1pc \includegraphics{instrument}\par
%% \vfill

\hoffset = 0in
About stage position of this story\par
\hfill{\Huge \bf \S\ Stage position \S }\hfill\break
\kern 2pt
%%%%% Environment Picture %%%%%%%%%%
\put(0,0){\framebox{Stage background wall in full screen video, %
the depiction of images to match the progression of the story and music.}}
\vskip 40pt
About the Chorus,\par
To become a permutation {\sl \framebox{Bass}, \framebox{Tenor}, %
\framebox{Alto}, and \framebox{Soprano}} just on this example. That is,
Become reverse order sequence \framebox{\sl Instruments}. In addition,
\vbox{\hbox{the array position is be in this position}\hrule\kern2pt\hrule},
To the location of the array, if there is loft, or if there is a low place on the stage
Available OK.\par
\kern 20pt
{\bf \P}\ About the protagonists,\par
{\sl Position of \framebox{soloists(leading role)} placed freely on the stage
\put(0,30){Orchestra placed at a position lower than the stage. Then, %
the instrument arrangement like a below.}
\hspace*{2pc} \multiput (0,0)(50,0){4}{\oval[5](40,50)}
\put(-16,6){\it Instruments}
\put(0,0){\bf Soprano}
\put(0,-3){\bf Group}
\put(34,6){\it Instruments}
\put(50,0){\bf Alto}
\put(50,-3){\bf Group}
\put(84,6){\it Instruments}
\put(100,0){\bf Tenor}
\put(100,-3){\bf Group}
\put(134,6){\it Instruments}
\put(150,0){\bf Bass}
\put(150,-3){\bf Group}
\put(-24,0){\Huge \bfseries { \slshape A Conductor} }
%%%%% End environment Picture %%%%%%%%%%
\kern 20pt
\kern 5pt
\kern 20pt
\hskip 20pt \Huge \sl Audience for Seats
%% {\seventit
%% Note;(To do this!)\\[-20pt]
%% As it is the lighting of the audience's Seats(Do not turn off even when the play began). And,\\[-20pt]
%% When play began, lighting the stage (rather than the audience's) more brightly.}\par
%% \hfill \small Thank you so much! Everybody!