%% -*- Coding: utf-8 -*-
%% Time-stamp: "3/12/2017 02:13"

%% use fonts;Computer Modern(7bit code) families.
\font\bfLARGEIT=cmbxti10 at 36pt
\font\LARGEit=cmbxti10 at 26pt
\font\bfLarge=cmbx10 at 12pt
\font\bflarge=cmbx10 at 11pt
\markboth{\hskip2pc {\it\tiny  Road}}
{\hskip2pc {\it\tiny Road}}

\vskip 2pc
\centerline {\LARGEit Road}
\centerline {\bflarge road6; Sorrow of the night}
\centerline{{\sevenrm (All choice freedom and free dynamic)}}
\kern -5pt
\centerline {Baritone\qquad \it instrument \quad\tt baritone and \it voice}\par
\centerline {Soprano\qquad \it instrument \quad\tt soprano and \it voice}\par
\centerline {Alto\qquad \it instrument \quad\tt alto and \it voice}\par
\centerline {\inchFont SHEET}

\hskip 8pc {\bfLarge and}\par
{\everypar = {\hskip 4pc}
No one everybody on the road,\par
No anything  lights on the road,\par
All around is in the darkness, darkness,\par
I can't see, can't look anything in the darkness.\par
But, The stars are twinkling in the night sky,\par
Rather than the current, it is showing\par
\quad the world of the past one hundred million light-years.\par
Where is now? I can't know that, I'm in the dark.\par

\hoffset = -.26in
\input road-6-systems.tex