%% Time-stamp: "Wed Nov 30 11:20:36 2011"

%% use fonts;Computer Modern(7bit code) families.
\font\bfLARGEIT=cmbxti10 at 36pt
\font\LARGEit=cmbxti10 at 26pt
\font\bfLarge=cmbx10 at 12pt
\font\bflarge=cmbx10 at 11pt
\markboth{\hskip2pc {\it\tiny  Descendants of the Earth}}
{\hskip2pc {\it\tiny Descendants of the Earth}}

\vskip 2pc
\centerline {\LARGEit Descendants of the Earth}
\centerline {\bflarge Strangers of Earth No.3}
\centerline{{\sevenrm (All choice freedom and free dynamic)}}
\kern -5pt
\centerline {Soprano\qquad \it instrument \quad\tt soprano and \it voice}\par
\centerline {Alto\qquad \it instrument \quad\tt alto and \it voice}\par
\centerline {Tenore\qquad \it instrument \quad\tt tenore and \it voice}\par
\centerline {Bass\qquad \it instrument \quad\tt bass and \it voice}\par
\centerline {\inchFont SHEET}

\hskip 8pc {\bfLarge and}\par
{\bf Dear to you,\\No.3}\par
{\everypar = {\hskip 4pc}
Descendants of the Earth!\par
Descendants of the Earth!\par
Descendants of the Earth!\par
At The ground we're standing with two legs,\par
And Manipulating tools with two arms,\par
We had (living with) using fire.\par
So far,\par
We have already been erased from the universe!\par
Descendants of the Earth!\par
You guys have already longer than the light\par
What was there flying in the world!\par
Already, already, you would have been probably\par
Changed yourself shape and appearance!\par
%%\hfill {30 Apr 2011}\par

\hoffset = -.26in
\input strangers3-systems.tex