%% Time-stamp: "Sat May 14 14:07:29 2011"

%% use fonts;Computer Modern(7bit code) families.
\font\inchFont = cminch
\font\bfLARGEIT = cmbxti10 at 36pt
\font\LARGEit = cmbxti10 at 26pt
\font\Hugeslb = cmbxsl10 scaled \magstep5
\font\Largeslb = cmbxsl10 scaled \magstep2
\font\bfLARGE = cmbx10 at 26pt
\font\bfLarge = cmbx10 at 12pt
\font\bflarge = cmbx10 at 11pt
\font\sevenrm = cmr7
\font\Twiceit=cmti10 scaled \magstep2
\font\twicesl=cmsl10 at 12.4 true pt

\hfuzz = 10pt
\parindent = 0pt
\markboth{\hskip2pc {\it{ \tiny  Rex trem\'end\ae }}}
{\hskip2pc {\it{\tiny Rex trem\'end\ae{}}}}

\vskip 2pc
\centerline {\Hugeslb Rex trem\'end\ae{}}
\centerline {\bflarge From R\'equiem-ceremony}
\centerline{{\sevenrm (All choice freedom and free dynamic)}}
\kern -5pt
\centerline {Soprano\qquad \it instrument \quad\tt soprano and \it voice}\par
\centerline {Alto\qquad \it instrument \quad\tt alto and \it voice}\par
\centerline {Tenore\qquad \it instrument \quad\tt tenore and \it voice}\par
\centerline {Bass\qquad \it instrument \quad\tt bass and \it voice}\par
\centerline {\inchFont SHEET}

\hskip 8pc {\bfLarge and}\par

\hspace*{3pc} Rex trem\'end{\twicesl\ae{}} majest\'atis,\hfill\break
\hspace*{3pc} Qui salv\'andos s\'alvas gratis,\hfill\break
\hspace*{3pc} S\'alva me, fons piet\'atis.\hfill\break
\openup .5\baselineskip

\hoffset = -.26in
\input rex-systems.tex