PSTricks doc; running on (p)TeX !!
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Article is Japan.!!(2019)
   TeX-pstricksdoc-2019.pdf (approximate;450Kbytes)
   ps-vol2-2019.pdf (approximate;340Kbytes)
       These script files(Tex-psTricksDoc.tar.gz)(approximate;32Kbytes)
             Extract; cmd-prompt>tar xvfz tex-pstricksdoc.tar.gz[Enter]
             Running; cmd-prompt>run--tex tex-pstricksdoc[Enter]
             Running; cmd-prompt>run--tex ps-vol2[Enter]
       Then you can get "tex-pstricksdoc.pdf" and "ps-vol2.pdf" in pstricksdoc. And others But!
             This "Windows10 + W32TeX(& UP) + Ghostscript(ver9.06 & UP)" is required.)

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