Oh! My Son! My Son!

          sketch2.mid           sketch2.pdf           sketch2-sheet.pdf           sketch2.mp3

This sounds "sketch2.mp3" and Please click! music plays.
[picture of music]

[picture of music]

[picture of music]

Source code
sketch2.ly(html)    sketch2-sheet.latex(html)    run-svg-pdf.cmd(html)
All download files(Includes all files that are listed here[of course, MP3]) -------------->>; sketch2.tar.gz(About;<10.1Mbytes)
    and     >tar xvfz sketch2.tar.gz =====> sketch2/*.*(Files and Directory)

usally;(cmd prompt)   sketch2>lilypond --png --pdf sketch2.ly[Enter]

script-run;(cmd prompt)   sketch2>run-svg-pdf sketch2[Enter]  You can get "All svg,pdf-files" in sketch2/svg/
  sketch2>run-svg-pdf sketch2[Enter]  •••• And displays the sketch2(here the same as).
(However, this "Windows8(& UP) + LilyPond(ver2.18) + W32TeX(& UP) + Ghostscript(ver9.06 & UP)" is required.)