john3-3-5.mid           john3-3-5.pdf           john3-3-5-sheet.pdf           [source files;  john3-3-5.tar.gz ]           john3-3-5.mp3

This sound is "mp3"
[picture of music]

[picture of music]

[picture of music]

Source code [file-code; ly,texi,latex are UTF-8 and cmd is ANSI] (remove the Japanese with %{ and %}   But Don't it!! in download-files)     john3-3-5-sheet.latex     run--svg-latex.cmd
All download files -------------->>; john3-3-5.tar.gz (about; 12,466bytes)

usally;(cmd prompt)   >lilypond --png --pdf[Enter]

script-run;(cmd prompt)   >run--svg-latex john3-3-5[Enter]
(However, this "Windows 10 + LilyPond(ver2.18) + W32TeX(64bit) + Ghostscript(64bit)" is required.)